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Pushing the Limits of High Frequency Applications with Gallium Nitride HEMTs on Substrates
Pradyot GaN HEMT paper.png

Palacios Group researchers led by Pradyot Yadav published their first report of an RF HEMT on an engineered substrate and showed potential for further development of the proposed transistor for high-frequency applications. According to the authors, given the promising RF performance of fT/fmax=48/115 GHz and the availability of large diameter (8 in.) substrates, GaN HEMTs on engineered substrates have strong potential for use in applications such as 6G communication (W–G bands) and radio astronomy. Device fabricated at MIT.nano. Click here to learn more about this publication.

Pao-Chuan - Graduates

"I have learned a lot from our group and over the past 5 plus years, especially how to be inspiring!"

Pao-Chuan Shih, Recent Graduate, Spring 2023

 Our Group

From Intellect Expertise to Compassion and Creating New Solutions

We work towards a vision to globally impact the world of power electronics, heterogeneous devices, Graphene-based 2D and 3D materials, and Gallium Nitride lateral and vertical devices. Meet our group that makes it possible. Scroll down to learn more about their work. We also acknowledge the many brilliant minds we had the opportunity to work with over many years, that have helped shape us into the group that we are today. Click here to meet and learn more about our alumni group. Click here to learn more about our group's outreach efforts.


Qingyun Xie

Research Assistant, EECS.

Pao-Chuan Shih_edited.jpg

Pao-Chuan Shih

Ph.D Graduate, EECS. 

marc2020_headshot_jperozek - Josh Perozek.jpg

Joshua Perozek

Research Assistant, EECS. 

Sharon_website_profile_pic_2022 - Jung-Han Hsia.JPG

Jung-Han (Sharon) Hsia

Research Assistant, EECS. 


Jiadi Zhu

Research Assistant, EECS. 

Gillian Micale.jpg

Gillian Miclae

Research Assistant, DMSE, MIT

John Niroula.jpeg

John Niroula

Research Fellow, EECS. 

Pradyot Yadav_edited.jpg

Pradyot Yadav

Research Assistant, EECS. 

Hae won Lee.jpg

Hae Won Lee

Research Assistant, EECS


James Greer

UROP Student, EECS

christian - Christian Emmanuel López_edited_edited.jpg

Christian Lopez

Research Assistant, EECS.

IMG_3742-수정-정사각 - MS.jpg

Minsik Oh

Research Assistant, EECS


Hridibrata Pal

Research Assistant, EECS


Preetha Kingsview, MAED, M.S.C.S
Assistant to Prof. Palacios, 
Group Administrator, Palacios Group

Tomás Palacios
Director, Microsystems Technology Laboratories (MTL)
Clarence J. LeBel Professor, Electrical Engineering 

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Hi, I'm Jiadi Zhu

My research focuses on integrating emerging low-dimensional material devices with a design-technology co-optimized (DTCO) approach. 

 Primary Research Group: Heterogeneous integration and 3D IC. 

Hello, I'm Pao-Chuan Shih

My research focuses on integrating emerging low-dimensional material devices with a Design-Technology Co-Optimized (DTCO) approach. 


Primary Research Group: Heterogeneous integration and 3D IC. 

Photo_2022-06 - Pao-Chuan Shih_edited.jpg
Pradyot Yadav_edited.jpg

Hello, I'm Pradyot Yadav

My research focuses on mmWave/sub-terahertz circuits, devices, and heterogeneous integration of GaN and Si using DTCO/STCO. 

Primary Research Focus : W-G Band Circuits and Devices, Heterogeneous Integration, DTCO/STCO

¡Hola, soy David Morales!

My research focuses on the development of a breathalyzer capable of diagnosing various diseases.

Primary Research Group: 2D materials

Hey, I'm Sharon

My research focuses on the design and fabrication of high-performance, vertical GaN power transistors with integrated optical probing and control using heterogeneous integration and DTCO.

Primary Research Group: Compound semiconductor, power devices, optoelectronics, heterogeneous integration, DTCO

Sharon_website_profile_pic_2022 - Jung-Han Hsia.JPG
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