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Apple picking & corn maze, Connor's Farm, Fall 2022

 Our Group

From Intellect Expertise to Compassion and Creating New Solutions

We work towards a vision to globally impact the world of power electronics, heterogeneous devices, 2D and 3D materials, and Gallium Nitride lateral and vertical devices. Meet our group that makes it possible. Stay tuned for more details of our group and the work they do within the group and at MIT.


Qingyun Xie

Research Assistant, Ph.D.

Student, EECS.

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Pao-Chuan Shih

Research Assistant, Ph.D. Student, EECS. 

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Josh Perozek

Research Assistant, Ph.D. Student, EECS. 

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Jung-Han (Sharon) Hsia

2nd year, Graduate Student, EECS. 

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Mengyang Yuan

Ph. D. Graduate, Aug 2022, EECS.


Jiadi Zhu

Research Assistant, Ph.D. Student, EECS. 


Mantian Xue

Research Assistant, Ph.D. Student, EECS.

John Niroula.jpeg

John Niroula

Research Assistant, Ph.D. Student, EECS. 


Kevin Limanta

Research Assistant, M.Sc. Student, EECS.

Pradyot Yadav_edited.jpg

Pradyot Yadav

First-year Ph.D. Student, EECS. 

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Hae Won Lee

First-year Ph.D. Student, EECS


James Greer

UROP Student, EECS

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Christian Lopez

Research Assistant, Ph.D. Student, EECS.

IMG_3742-수정-정사각 - MS.jpg

Minsik Oh

First-year Ph.D. Student, EECS


Hridibrata Pal

First-year Ph.D. Student, EECS

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David Morales

M.S. Student, UPM, Spain


Preetha Kingsview, MAED, M.S.C.S
Assistant to Prof. Tomás Palacios, 
Group Administrator, Palacios Group


Prof. Tomás Palacios
Director, Microsystems Technology Laboratories (MTL)
Director and Industry Officer,
6A - EECS Alliance
Principal Investigator,

Dept. Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, MIT